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Wire saw being used to shape ring frame
Ring held by tweezers as flame hits it from a small torch
Tweezers insert green gemstone into ring frame
Magnifying glass is used to inspect ring with green gemstones
Pliers are used to adjust pink gemstone within ring frame
White gold ring with pink gemstones is polished by a buffing wheel
The pink and green rings are held together in a stack

Our Story

Veniroe’s enchanting designs weave together cultural artistry and contemporary craftsmanship.

Adorn yourself with exceptional creations that dare bold self-expression, heirlooms beginning a story to be retold through generations to come.

2020 JCK Jewelry Award Winner

Award winning Rose Gold Grand Castle Bracelet with Diamonds and Malachite, alongside JCK logo

2020 JCK Editors’ Choice Award

Veniroe's Grand Castle Bracelet was deemed "Best Gold Jewelry" of the 2020 Jewelers Circular Keystone Awards.

Headshot of Veniroe's designer, Gemma Park, smiling in a blue blouse and holding a pen


Gemma Park

Captivated by the radiance of gemstones, Gemma embarked on her design journey. She draws from the rich tapestry of her Korean heritage and welcomes influences from the Western world. Her whimsical designs elevate natural beauty and awaken creativity and confidence. 

Gemma holds a prestigious Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She ensures that every gem is of natural origin and meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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